Don Iron Tactical Vest


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Don Iron Tactical Vest will take any workout to the next level and transform just about any activity into a resistance exercise. Unique design and ultra-durable material (500D nylon) make this tactical vest the best choice for your workout routine. Besides all other Plate Carriers in the industry that can only hold front and back weight plates for resistance, Don Iron Tactical Vest has an additional three pouches on the front side which you can use to easily add or remove 2 Kg weight plates from our Don Iron Weight Adjustable Sledgehammer under the 3 minutes. Since our Don Iron Sledgehammer weights are almost in the same dimensions as rifle magazine we like to say that with Don Iron Tactical Vest you can almost get the same feeling like a soldier with full loadout. HUA!

Color: Black
Weight: 1 Kg
Material: 500D Nylon
Vest Plates 2Kg (Pair): Included
Fits all Don Iron Tactical Vest Plates and Don Iron Sledgehammer Weights ( Order Separately)

Important: The Don Iron Tactical Vest is intended strictly as a fitness accessory and should NEVER be used as body armor.


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