Don Iron Loadout


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Don Iron Loadout can turn any ordinary garage, parking lot, street workout area, or simply any free space into fully functional training ground! Since there is no need to assemble anything you can start your first workout after 15 minutes you receive your Don Iron Loadout. With over 100+ exercises, and unlimited circuits and routines we can bet that you will never feel bored during your workout!

What does it include:
Don Iron Weight Adjustable Sledgehammer
Don Iron Tactical Vest + 2x 2 Kg Tactical Plates
Don Iron Handles
Truck Tire 50 Kg


Company Info:
Name: Sandbox d.o.o.
Adress: Baburičina 23
Zip Code: 10000
City: Zagreb
State: Croatia
OIB: 26839719197
MB: 04424859

contact us

+385 99 3517 719