Methods Of Payment

Don Iron online shop offers the following payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery (only in cash, up to a maximum limit of 500€)
  • Bank transfer to the account of Sandbox d.o.o. .
    • IBAN: HR5124840081135136014(Banking abroad)
    • Name: Sandbox d.o.o.
    • Address: Baburičina 23, 10000,  Zagreb , Croatia

In case of credit card payments, if the order is subsequently cancelled, or the payment method is changed, please write to us on to be able to refund.

Team Behind DON IRON

CEO/Founder (Fitness Enthusiast, Visionary, E-Commerce Veteran)
Alen Alihodžić
Senior Industrial Designer
Senior Industrial Designer (Sensei, Mentor, The Answer For Every Problem)
Jurica Gotal

Company Info:
Name: Sandbox d.o.o.
Adress: Baburičina 23
Zip Code: 10000
City: Zagreb
State: Croatia
OIB: 26839719197
MB: 04424859

contact us

+385 99 3517 719